Excavation Work in Portland, OR

A To Z Excavation has over 22 years of excavation work experience and the ability to handle any size job. Whether a large-scale job requiring the use of heavy-duty machinery or a hard-to-get-at job utilizing our mini-excavating equipment. A To Z Excavation responds to any excavation need. I have a list of equipment and experience in a field that can complete your excavation project quickly and efficiently. With professionalism, courtesy, and execution upon delivering our services, we guarantee complete satisfaction with every job we do.

Excavation Work

A To Z Excavation

What is Excavation Work?

Excavation work generally implies work including the expulsion of soil or rock from a site to frame an open face, using tools, hole or cavity, hardware or explosives. A person conducting a business or undertaking must manage dangers related to a wide range of excavations in the work environment, regardless of how deep. Explicit duties apply comparable to the higher-hazard excavations, for example, channels, shafts, and passages. However, these necessities don’t make a difference to a mine, a bore to which a relevant water law applies or a trench used as a place of interment. An experienced person ought to oversee and screen the excavation work, including the nature of the soil, and settle on choices on slants and the utilization of fortification materials.

Excavation Services

We just don’t dig the site; we prepare the site, quality grading, reliable trenching and other important soil related tasks. A To Z Excavation, own and operate large heavy equipment. Moreover, we are local and we value the importance of the right slope and surface for proper water drainage, erosion reduction and other important details. I know the sewage system plays an important role in our lives to protect our health and environment. A sewer should be planned and executed by professionals and right equipment.

Foundation Excavation

A to Z Excavation has built a reputation for excellence in delivering excavation services throughout Portland, OR areas. We have the experience and the technology to help you create a quality and cost-effective project.

Drainage Excavation

For 22 years in the excavating industry, my business becomes the most reliable and well-experienced excavating contractor in Portland, OR. A to Z Excavation committed to providing professional drainage excavation throughout the years.

Sewer Excavation

A To Z Excavation has been providing expert sewer excavation to homeowners and businesses in Portland and its surrounding areas. We also have proven expertise in drainage, backhoe service and sewer line repair.